Writing Inspirational Fiction For Christians

I use to think that Fictional Christian Books were a taboo because it was a made up thing but then I consider that they are life events that may not involve us but could involve someone else. To us the story may be fictional but to someone else it may be very real and our story can be helpful to them, it may even hold the answer to what they need.

Most inspirational Fictions start out with a usual event then there’s a conflict which would take an intervention from God to work out but doing the conflict the Person(s) keep their Faith and hope, in the end the resolution is usually more than what they expected.

These types of writings are very soothing and will make us think, they are a way of escape for a while into something that is good and pure. I believe that we all need time to sit aside and relax and reading this type of material is great.

I have written a Christian Fictional Book and I took great pleasure in doing it. I believe I had Gods’ blessing over it because the contents of it came so easy for me to write.

Inspirational writing whether Fictional or not have to be inspired by the Holy Ghost otherwise we would get clogged down and nothing will make sense.

I started writing years ago but I don’t write when I want to I have to be lead by the Holy Spirit God told me that I am not the writer, I am the writers’ instrument so I know it is not me who is speaking but it is Him speaking through me and I give Him all the praise for it.

We can learn a lot from reading Inspirational Fictional material, it may not apply to us right now but we never know when it won’t come in handy. It is good to have knowledge when something happen.

Jesus told stories to get His point across, there was noting wrong in that then and there is nothing wrong with it now.

I am a License Practical Nurse. I have been in this field for over 25 years. I enjoy helping and encouraging others. My main hobbies are reading and writing. I am a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. I am also President of the Parent Teachers Organization. President of the Parent Supporter Task Force and a member of the Parent Leadership Institute.

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