Inspirational Fiction Can Light Up Your Day

Some of the best inspirational fiction books are books that are actually compilations of many short stories. Sometimes short stories can be more inspirational for a reader than a very long book. Why? It is simple, because each short story tells a story that the reader can relate with.

Shorter stories get the message of inspiration to those that read them. Perhaps, you have read some of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, these are very good and they seem to hit home with many people, perhaps, that is why these books are so successful and in fact, one of the most successful series of books ever published.

All along this same theme of books, I found one that was truly incredible and written by a number of very famous people. I’d like to recommend this book to you;

“More Stories for the Heart” Compiled by Alice Gray; Multnormah, Sisters, OR; Date: 1997

So, you ask, what is it about this book that made me fall in love with it? Well, let me take some time and explain in more detail why this book is so special for me, and why I believe that you should have a copy of it in your own library. This book has been broken down into chapters of short stories along the categories of;

All over 285 pages of stories that will inspire you and your loved ones; there were so many wonderful stories in this book that it’s hard for me to take a single one that I would recommend over the others. They were all that good. If you know someone who needs a little uplift in life then this is the book you need to buy them. So please consider it.

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