Are You Inspired by Inspirational Fiction?

When life gets completely nuts and when it seems that things are spiraling down out of control. When our financial markets add stress to our middle class and when folks are worried about losing their homes, well, isn’t that the perfect time to read a truly inspiring story, one that touches your heart and allows you to see all the good in the world?

I think so, and I think you agree. So let me please recommend a great inspirational fictional work to you:

“The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino; Bantam Books; New York, NY, 1968.

The greatest salesman in the world, was not a salesman at all, he had given away something that another needed in their darkest hour and time of need. Although the title suggests this is a book for salesmen, or for selling, it tells a much deeper story and one that has been influencing people’s lives and enhancing humanity ever since.

Perhaps, this book should be titled the World’s Greatest Motivational Story or the World’s Most Inspiring Fictional Work of Our Time? Because it truly was in its time and that pay it forward approach lives on today, often borrowing the theme of this tale, while pushing its value and essence into the present period and hopefully thrusting it into future periods?

I highly recommend this inspirational fictional work, and although it has not yet been labeled a classic, I’d say it is pretty close to being so and it is a must read and should be on your personal bookshelf at home. It also makes a great gift and it is still available online!

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